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These are screenshots of layouts I have previously done (and saved). All are listed from newest to oldest. Some screenshots are in poor quality as I used to shrink them for some reason after screenshotting (oh, right, 56k). These screenshots are basically useless on an example level, but are kept here for my nostalgia. The older ones' dates are unknown. Hover over the thumbnails to find the date and information.

dameMOE (2014 - ?);


hyruleNU & pendragonNU & arturiaORG (2007-14);


zerudaNU (2007-12);

This was an old personal/contact site I had kept around for a few years.


socializing sites (2003?-current);

These are layouts that were done for various socializing sites I've been on. Some of these were on other sites that had their own rules for how the webpages could be made, so they'll be limited. They also were mainly for roleplaying, so the pages are about fictional characters I or someone else portrayed.


old blogs (2002-05?);

This section consists of Livejournal, Greymatter, and other such layouts I had used for my online journals over the years.


older domains (2002-07?);

I changed domains a lot, you say? Nah.




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